Information on Erik's available pieces.

Sweet Dreams of You
(c)(p) 1999 Erik Donovan

THIS, my most recent addition to the repertoire, was written in a creative frenzy lasting close to seven hours.  I originally started this piece as a soft piano ballad, but then decided to make it an all out dance tune.  I think it works!!

SWEET Dreams of You was inspired by and is dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend, Robin.

"MY sweetest dreams are always of you." - E. Donovan

I Love You So
(c)(p) 1998 Erik Donovan

I Love You So was my first "professional" dance composition.  This took around a week and a half to write and track.  I released this tune as a single, with Ruby Revelations as the B-side, in the final weeks of my senior year of high school.

INCIDENTALLY, this piece is dedicated to the tons of wonderful friends I made in high school.

Ruby Revelations
(c)(p) 1997 Erik Donovan

I love to sing and write ballads.  This piece was one of the first pieces I ever tracked using MODules.  I was inspired to take this tune that I was tossing around and track it after listening to Leviathan's Emerald Visions.  It's a nice rock ballad with overdriven lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, and a flute.

Joy To the World (techno remix)
(p) 1997 Erik Donovan

I have gotten in the habit of taking traditional Christmas tunes and remixing them a bit every Christmas.  This was the composition of Christmas '97.  I wrote this piece in another creative frenzy lasting close to eight hours.  This is NOT the Three Dog Night tune, rather a souped up version of the Hymn.

THANKS to the New Methodist Hymnal.

WHERE can I HEAR these tunes???

ANSWER:  You can download the MP3's, listen to them instantly with Real Audio, and buy the album for $5.99 at

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