ERIK DONOVAN, a 19 year old music major, is a modern composer of, among other things, techno/dance music.  His composing career dates back to 1996.  His first pieces were written in MIDI format and ran the gamut in terms of styles.

AFTER writing close to 20 original and remixed tunes, he learned of the wonderful world of MODules.  This file format gave him the flexibility needed to make professional sounding music.

WHILE listening to the mainstream radio stations such as Z100 and KTU, he realized that dance tunes were working their way in amongst the rock, punk, and folk music already being played.  He also realized that many of the tunes being played were very simple and on, if not below, the level of his composing.

THIS new realization gave him hope and keeps him composing his music to this day.

ERIK listens to bands such as Rush, Chase, The Beatles, The Who, Apotheosis, Aqua, Bech, Bjorn Lynne, Clubmaster7, Dream'Ed, Master-Zap, The Beach Boys, Cream, Metallica, Kenny Loggins, and many more.

ERIK also enjoys classical music by such composers as Bach, Beethoven, Lizst, Copland, Handel, Orff, Sibilius, Karel Husa, Lawson Lunde, and many more.

"KEEP the music in the dance" - E. Donovan

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